Ask Trafalgar Infant children about behaviour and they will tell you about our Golden Rules.

  • The Golden Rules and our Safety in School rules = our Behaviour Policy
  • Golden Tickets (Reception, Y1 and Y2) and certificates (Y1 and Y2) are awarded for following the Golden Rules
  • Golden Children are those who are chosen each week to receive tickets and/or certificates
  • ‘STOP I don’t like it’ is the sign for your child to use when they have to deal with anyone who is not following the Golden Rules as well as telling a grown-up

For grown ups – we have a policy and a leaflet.


It is a very safe place and there's lots to do.

Y2 Pupil Survey

I like this school because all the children are kind and when you look sad they look after you.

Y2 Pupil Survey

Everybody is smiley around me and cares for one another.

Y2 Pupil Survey

Trafalgar is such a happy school.

Y2 Pupil Survey

It is always safe and if I fall someone will help me.

Y2 Pupil Survey


Behaviour is excellent, particularly in the classroom. Pupils set themselves very high standards for behaviour. In lessons, they invariably behave impeccably of their own volition. Lunchtime are very lively, good natured times.

Ofsted 2011