Each class elects its own school councillors who attend regular meetings with our deputy head, Mr Allen. The councillors are responsible for collecting views from class mates and feeding thoughts into meeting discussions.

The school council have their own budget, decide on charities to support for the year, agree the theme of our summer fair and are also involved in interviewing staff. The school council this year, visited Westminster and have also done some joint work with school councils from two other schools. Often, school governors or other visitors attend school council meetings.

School Council Members for 2018-2019

3M: Isla and Albert

3SA: Archie and Kenza

3B: Grace and Stefanos

4DJ: Megan and Jude

4J: Charlotte and Raphael

4HD: Molly and Alfie

5T: Evie and Ben

5W: Amber and Roshan

5SL: Dixie and Daniel

6C: Ellie and Dominic

6DN: Isaac and Amelie

6B: Matthew and Amelia

MPPs: Lawrie and Lucy

The Green Team

All children are welcome to join this vibrant group and help with work round the school. For example, Year 3s monitor waste water collected from the dining hall that is to be used in watering our plants, Year 4s monitor Walk To School data each month and Year 5’s are our energy monitors, checking classrooms and handing out the Greenest Classroom Awards.

The vegetable patch supplies growing space throughout the year and for the past 3 years we have been part of Capital Growth’s Million Meals For Londoners scheme. Every time we pick vegetables and herbs for the children to take home, we record the amounts gathered and send details off to Capital Growth for them to collate on their London-wide database. Our Eco-Schools status was renewed in May 2015.

Anti-bullying Statement

At Trafalgar Junior School, we have a responsibility to provide a secure environment, so that all children feel happy, confident and safe whilst at school. We celebrate difference and diversity and value all children. We expect all children to embrace this in their behaviour towards each other at school.  All bullying is unacceptable and will be dealt with seriously.

Read our full statement on anti-bullying.